Friday, June 6, 2008


Since summer and its pool parties are right around the corner, I thought this oldie (but drunk goldie) might be a good idea to post. It's very minimalistic in terms of work and preparation, but you will have to remember to get started on it two days prior to your party.

What do you need?

1 large, ripe watermelon

1 bottle of vodka (you can also try it with other spirits, I found amaretto to be a pretty funky mix...)

a funnel

Lay it on me!

1. Cut a small hole in the watermelon, big enough to fit your funnel. Try to get it right from the start, so that you can use the piece you cut out to plug up the hole afterwards. Place the funnel in the hole.

2. Pour about a glass of vodka into the funnel, and let the watermelon absorb it. Do this several times a day, for two days. Remember to plug up the hole each time you have poured some vodka in. I also suggest you turn over your melon from time to time, to avoid the vodka from sinking to one side.

3. Once you' ve poured the entire bottle of vodka into the watermelon (or less or more, depending on how strong you want it to be or how drunk you want your guests to get), cut it up into large chunks and serve it right away!!

Watch the expression of your guests!

Party on!

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